A Tribe Called Kast

by Nappy DJ Needles

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clc5000 thumbnail
clc5000 It's innovative and refreshing to here something old that sounds new. Needles is very creative. You know a mix is good when you don't need or want to skip any of the tracks. This is a master piece. Love it!
Nigumo thumbnail
Nigumo This here...is hiphop Magic!!! The entire album concept is perfect!
From the flawless blending of Outkast lyrics on top of ATCQ beats, to the song titles and to the cover artwork.

Truly brilliant!!! A tribute to 2 of hiphops pioneers and does them justice.
A MUST HAVE for hiphop-heads. Favorite track: Bonita Play On Elevators (Nappy DJ Needles blend).
Martin Shields
Martin Shields thumbnail
Martin Shields Needles has got it right again. Simply a great blend of beats from two of my all time fav Hip Hop groups. Favorite track: Skew It On The Scenario (Nappy DJ Needles blend).
shanara lennox
shanara lennox thumbnail
shanara lennox This mash-up is a banger, thanks!!!!
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While posting a simple FB "battle" (Outkast vs A Tribe Called Quest) back in mid-June of 2013, I thought of the name "A Tribe Called Kast" a few seconds before I noticed that fellow Outkast/ATCQ head, Trackstar the DJ, had actually commented with that very title! Great minds and such...

So, "A Tribe Called Kast", huh? Just what does that mean? Welp, rather than a huge mix featuring Outkast and ATCQ songs (which would be dope, I know), I went the blend route and gathered Outkast acapellas and ATCQ beats with the intention of creating an ATL/NY/Dungeon Family/Native Tongue hybrid. Never one to waste a seemingly good idea, I began the cd artwork in late June and started the process of deciding which acapella went over what beat.

The end result is something I think you'll really enjoy. 12 blends featuring the lyrics of Outkast over beats by A Tribe Called Quest. The music from 2 of Hip Hop's most revered groups blended into one rather dope package.

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Thanks and enjoy!


"Press Play and Begin Salivating"
- www.bamalovesoul.com

"This is crazy. Outkast mashed with Tribe. Unreal. Just listen."
- www.rapdna.com

"Two of my favorite goups of all time put together in a solid mashup by Nappy DJ Needles."
- www.badmagics.com

"The results are surprisingly good, combining the jazz sensibility of Q-Tip's productions with the heart-on-sleeve honesty and otherworldly raps of Big Boi and André 3000."
- www.illchillpill.com

"Nappy DJ Needles is taking on a more than creative task in creating the mash-up of the decade."
- www.zumic.com

"Nappy DJ Needles has put his skills to work combining the lyrics of Outkast over the beats of Tribe and the result is not just fun, but a solid listen all the way through."
- www.grooveonfire.com

"DJ Needles has a monster on his hands... The combination of ATLien funk and Native Tongues jazz seems to be a potent combination"
- www.artisticmanifesto.com

"Sometimes, dream collaborations do come true. Though they may not be as direct and personal as a real collab, mixups of classic artists are undeniably a joy, especially when they feature legends. Nappy DJ Needles brings us just that with A Tribe Called Kast."
- www.adhoc.fm

"Dear DJ Needles, I love you. A match made in heaven! DJ Needles, from St. Louis, brings together the classic New York 90s hip-hop beats of A Tribe Called Quest and the smooth dirty south lyrics of Outkast. Pure genius! "
- www.ndgo-b.blogspot.com

"A mash up of A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast? Too good to be true you say? Nope, here it is in all its glory. With all praise due to Nappy DJ Needles. I wonder what other magical things this super human can mix together: oreos and bacon? Eva Mendes and Halle Berry? Christmas and July? I now truly believe that anything is possible."
- www.lamontslist.blogspot.com

"Nappy DJ Needles decided to take Outkast acapellas and put them over an assortment of twelve ATCQ beats in order to give us all a nice eargasm..."
- www.csnowheaties.com

"Nappy DJ Needles has blessed us with the ultimate mash-up with A Tribe Called Kast...blending the dual entities into a seamless musical and lyrical gumbo. Since I have the utmost respect for both Tribe and 'Kast, a mixtape of this caliber would have to bring the Hip-Hop noise, and it does...Nappy DJ Needles is an entity to look out for the rest of '13 and beyond. I love spreading the word about talented entities within Hip-Hop culture, and Nappy DJ Needles definitely fits the mold."
- www.wisdom40.blogspot.com

"We're always in favor of a good mixtape, especially when its as fun as Nappy DJ Needles' new "A Tribe Called Kast"..."
- www.upperhands.blogspot.com

"Outkast and ATCQ…..a match made in heaven! Major props to the great folks over at Ghetto Blastic and The Soulition for putting this joint together."
- www.7thboro.com

"Any André 3000 fans that are hoping a new full solo album from the ATLien is actually coming in 2014 that can’t wait to experience something new from OutKast can check out the mash-up mixtape A Tribe Called Kast from Nappy DJ Needles."
- www.allhiphop.com

"Nappy DJ Needles brings us classic tracks from both groups and blends them to form a union between ATL and Queens. The merging of two great things gives us something out-of-this-world unique."
- www.okayplayer.com

"This right here is CRAZY. Similar to what Gummy Soul did with music from A Tribe Called Quest & The Pharcyde, DJ Needles has put together a mixtape of blends of OutKast vocals with ATCQ beats."
- www.ambrosiaforheads.com

"Nappy DJ Needles has come back to obliterate what was left of our gray matter to merge two of hip-hop’s greatest groups into a first-class blend, A Tribe Called Kast...
Seemless blends like “We’ve Got The Jazzy Belle,” “Bonita Play On Elevators” and “Findawayinduetime” make for a sonic ambrosia that feels like 3 Stacks and Big Boi went to stay with their cousins in Queens for the summer only to find out that they had way more in common than they ever imagined. This mix makes all of those years of discord between artists from the North East and the South (real or imagined) feel as stupid as it was."
- www.nodfactor.com

"A Tribe Called Kast displays Andre 3000 and Big Boi’s verbal artistry over some of A Tribe Called Quest’s most classic and celebrated tracks. The final product...is everything that is right about music."
- www.nextimpulsesports.com

"This genius blend project marries two of the greatest groups of all time in a dream collab. Outkast lyrics are matched up with various instrumentals from People’s Instinctive Travels, MM and Low End Theory and it sounds as amazing in real life as it does on paper."
- www.watchloud.com

"Back in 2013, Nappy DJ Needles conceived A Tribe Called Kast, a 12-track “ATL/NY/Dungeon Family/Native Tongue hybrid” that blended OutKast acapellas with A Tribe Called Quest beats. The idea was genius, if not a little overdue. But following yesterday’s revelation that OutKast and Tribe were indeed to planning to record an album together a few years ago, we figured there’s no better time to run this back. From “Rosa Parks” over “Scenario” to “Ms. Jackson” over “Electric Relaxation,” A Tribe Called Kast is packed with impeccable blends that bring together two of the greatest rap groups of all time. Though we can only dream about what a real OutKast and Tribe album would have sounded like, here’s proof that it probably definitely would have been special."
- www.missinfo.tv

"Andre 3000 recently revealed that there was talks of a possible collaboration album between OutKast and A Tribe Called Quest. Even though we’ll never get to see it officially, a guy by the name of Nappy DJ Needles put together this ultra creative and very dope mashup album that brings both groups together. Hearing the rhymes from “ATLiens” over “Lyrics To Go” and “Skew It On The Bar B” over the “Scenario” remix never sounded so damn good together."
- www.premierwuzhere.com


released August 2, 2013


all rights reserved



James Biko fka DJ Needles Missouri

• dj
• graphic artist
• illustrator
• producer

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